Over 130 years of Excellence!

The Nottingham School is a K-3 school that has been a part of the community since 1892. During these years, it has served St. John Lutheran Church and the community by offering a Christ centered education.

We offer a well-balanced classical education curriculum including: Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Religion, Math, Technology, Physical Education, and Fine Arts.

At The Nottingham School, we take discipline very seriously. We care about each of our students and strive to maintain an environment that promotes a cooperative learning atmosphere. Students are expected to act and dress in a manner that displays good taste and reflects Christian principles.

EDUCATING FOR ETERNITY – The Nottingham School has been providing quality Christian education and extracurricular activities for the youth of our congregation and Collinwood area since 1892.

Our Mission

As a distinctive, comprehensive Parochial school of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Nottingham School exists to equip the children of the Greater Cleveland and surrounding area with integrity, creativity, academics, compassion, and spiritual maturity in a diverse, interconnected, and ever-changing world.

National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA)

National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) is an accrediting body for the schools of our Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). It is recognized by the state of Ohio as an outstanding accrediting process.

NLSA encourages and recognizes Lutheran schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement. It is completely voluntary and is available for every school operated by a single congregation, by an association of congregations, or by a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS or the Lutheran Church—Canada.

All of the schools that go through NLSA accreditation are evaluated by a five person visiting team on seven standards from which a school action plan is developed to guide the school in their continuous improvement over the next five years.

NLSA is unique because, in addition to standards that address educational quality, the school also evaluates its Christ-centered nature, based upon its defined purpose. The spiritual dimension of Lutheran schools is THE DEFINING ELEMENT that sets them apart and makes them a great place to grow.

There is no greater tool that creates lasting change in our schools than NLSA!

For Children

  • The highest standards of Christian and secular education
  • Teachers committed to quality and improvement
  • A school committed to continuous improvement

For Parents

  • Assurance that The Nottingham School has been evaluated according to national standards of quality and found worthy of recognition as an accredited school
  • Knowledge that as a NLSA accredited school, The Nottingham School is a quality school

For The School

  • Recognition by a respected, national accreditation body designed specifically for Lutheran schools


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