Our staff believes that worship, education, and family life are inseparable. Recognizing this vital relationship, we foster communication and cooperation between parents and teachers.
All of our teachers are licensed and certified by the State of Ohio and are required to continually attend classes to improve both their teaching knowledge and skills.


Mrs. Cindy Rollins
Mrs. Cindy Rollins
Administrative Assistant
Dr. Walther P. Marcis
Dr. Walther P. Marcis
Senior Pastor
Rev. Ron Rollins
Rev. Ron Rollins
Associate Pastor


Other Staff

Ms. Veronica Walker

Extended Care Coordinator

Ms. Carol Lyles

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Educator & Family Liaison

Ms. Bridgette Jackson

Basic Skills

School Commission

Mr. Steve Kile


Mrs. Lois Anne Ulizza


Ms. Kathryn Speigner


Rev. Dr. Walther Marcis
Mr. Ray Crow
Mr. Paul Walton

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